Our story

First acquisition

In June 2010, Éric acquired the first chalet in St-Fabien on the shores of Grand Lac Malobèse with the aim of renting it out. “I was looking for a chalet within a 250 kilometer perimeter of Quebec, in a tourist region”. The first chalet visited was love at first sight. “Seeing the sunset, the calm, the wide open space… the Bas St-Laurent was the ideal place for me”. 4-season rentals were no mean feat in the area, very few rental offers were offered in the winter period. In order to be able to make operations profitable, Éric knew desperately that he would have to operate the chalet Le Labrador over the 4 seasons. “The first winter with the costs of electricity, snow removal and firewood, we were at a loss to rent. But I had so many beautiful childhood memories of winters skating, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, the good hearth fires that it was stronger than me to do the operation in winter.

La Villa de l'Épervier

In September 2011, acquisition of a second chalet in St-Simon de Rimouski. 2 rue du Cap-à-l'Aigle will be named the Villa de l'Épervier. “With the chalet Le Labrador, the aspect of the river was missing. The Villa de l'Épervier responded very well to the criterion of accessibility to the river and of large land that overlooks the pond. The interior finish in cedar slats gave a very warm appearance to the chalet. We really liked the chalet and the area”. A gas fireplace and a SPA were quickly added for the benefit of customers.

La Villa du Renard

In December 2014, following the sale of the chalet Le Labrador, 6 rue du Cap-à-l’Aigle was acquired. “Baptizing it the Villa du Renard was a must, because several foxes were present on the site and their burrows were located under the sidewalks of the chalet. The big brother of the Villa de l'Épervier was also to receive a Sauna, 4-season SPA and a gas fireplace.

Fire at the Villa du Renard

In September 2019 a major fire occurred at the Villa du Renard. “A family of 4 arriving at the cottage for Labor Day weekend put a pair of shoes in the dryer and within minutes a fire broke out inside and grew. In less than an hour, the chalet is reduced to ashes. Fortunately only material losses, a few superficial injuries and a limited impact on the surrounding forest.

Me and Natacha were on our first construction experience. It was not an easy task, in addition to all the trouble with the insurer... But the saddest thing was to see Foxy who seemed to have lost his place of birth and helpless in the face of the situation.

La Villa du Cerf

October 2021, why not a new project! Natacha decides to become a businesswoman, she acquires the land at 95 route de la Grève and starts building a mini chalet. “I wanted a chalet with lots of windows, with the omnipresence of wood and a contact with nature”. The Villa du Cerf is taking shape. Like the other villas, this one also has its own private spa.